The UOL also participates in the national Souper Bowl Sunday program to help raise money to fight hunger. All monies raised by UOL Souper Bowl Sunday collections go to the Saint Andrew’s Society which helps support several soup kitchens in Ukraine.
At the UOL Convention, one of the recommendations of the Youth Committee was to establish a cross-generational Pray Pal Program. Once your name is submitted, it will be assigned to another participating individual, who will pray for you-for your health and wellbeing, your family and any special requests that you may have. In turn, you will be assigned a prayer pal for whom you will do likewise. You may, or may not, let the individual know that you have been selected to pray for them- that is your choice. If you are interested in having and becoming a prayer pal, please send your name and email to Pani Matka Mary Anne Nakonachny at
You can donate to these deserving Projects online via Paypal HERE.  Please specify that the ministry and clicking "In Memory of/To Honor" and making that designation.

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